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Welcome to Jinni Vlay and the city Betula. Here you get to follow Emanuel Spader, Jinni Vlay, Michael (Brian), Sahara, Litilda, Per Luthz and Eric (Zul) Berg, Mauritz Thao, and many more as they try to make it through what's left of their town after..you know. In the beginning it might be hard to get a lot of what's going on, but as you read on you will understand more. This is sort of my own introduction to Betula, a city where my other stories also will take place. These stories will end up as comics as well. This first story, that's named after one of my characters (Jinni Vlay), will lead into what i guess could be horror. It will take more than one bad turn and it's going to get ugly...Take a look! Also keep in mind that the story actually begins after 6 pages of nonsense. Yeah. /Adam


December 29th, 2009, 10:43 pm



So i don't really have a plan with the releasedates for pages yet. Or you know, ever really. Right now i'm putting up one page every day, until i have uploaded all the pages i have done. After that, who knows what will happen! Anyway. Someone might die on page 11, no joke, so get to reading!


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